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Documentation of Intangible Heritage

Batch 2021 and Batch 2022 M.Arch students have documented intangible cultural heritage - crafts and craft persons.. This is aimed to prepare an inventory.. The videos were published in MSAJAA Youtube channels. This exercise was part of the Traditional Knowledge system subject offered during 1 semester of M.Arch Conservation Program.

Bamboo weaving- Shree Shwetha
(Batch 2022-2024)

Terracotta crafts- Angelin
(Batch 2022-2024)

Silk weaving - Mathivathani
(Batch 2022-2024)

Lime Mortar - Hemasri
(Batch 2021-2023)

Sculpting - Athmeeka
(Batch 2021-2023)

Pottery - Hiranya (Batch 2021-2023)

GUIDED BY: Ar. Aathirai S.K.